Are OTC Stocks Regulated By the SEC?

In a word, no.

The OTCBB is an unregulated system by which broker/dealers and market makers can quote current prices for securities (ticker suffix .ob) which are not listed on one of the major exchanges.

The National Association of Securities Dealers oversees the OTCBB, but it is not a part of the Nasdaq exchange, as penny stock scams sometimes imply.

The OTCBB does require its listed companies to file updated financial reports with the SEC. Many people confuse this with SEC regulation: they figure that since they have to file with the SEC, then they must be regulated. But simply filing something with the SEC does not mean the SEC will do anything with it. Rather, it is the OTCBB itself that requires this of its companies. Any OTCBB traded company that fails to comply with this will be de-listed from the service, and will then likely trade on another exchange, such as the pink sheets.
Companies listed on the pink sheets (ticker suffix .pk) are not required to file current reports, so finding reliable information on them is very difficult.

While it is true that some of the best performing stocks are OTC and pink sheets, they are very risky, since it is so difficult to adequately research their financial health.

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