American Century Loses CIO

American Century Chief Investment Officer Harold Bradley is departing from the firm on January 31 to join Kansas City’s Kauffman Foundation. He is the portfolio manager for American Century New Opportunities (TWNOX), American Century New Opportunities II (ANOAX), and American Century Selectm AASLX), which collectively manage about $3 billion in assets.

While the short-term impact of losing a talented portfolio manager can be easily dismissed at a large deeply-talented firm such as American Century, the long-term effects of a key strategist leaving could be significant.

Bradley was instrumental in developing the models that inform American Century’s small- and mid-cap growth portfolios. During his tenure, Bradley has overseen the small-cap, mid-cap, and sector growth strategies throughout the organization. He has also been a consumer-oriented advocate for market reforms, including “soft dollar” disclosure requirements.

Bradley’s successor, Enrique Chang, heads up the American Century International Equity team, overseeing the Emerging Markets, Global Growth, International Discovery, International Growth, International Opportunities and International Stock portfolios.

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